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White Xbox One charity auction raises $11,300


A black Xbox One costs $500, but a white Xbox One sets you back $11,300. No, Microsoft isn't going with an ambitiously priced second SKU, but the much nicer story of an eBay user stumping up the cash for the normally employee-only console, with proceeds going towards the Wounded Warrior Project.

Microsoft's charity auction ended yesterday evening, after the bidding sat at $11,100 across a number of days. Then, with hours to go a new user snuck in to snatch up the limited edition console. He or she will receive their new, shiny white console when everyone else gets their boring black ones this Friday on November 22.

There's at least one other member of the public due to receive a white Xbox One, but over in the UK. Another white Xbox One was auctioned over there earlier this month, raising £5,000 (around $8,000) for charity organization GamesAid, which is passing on the money to a number of small UK charities for children and young people.

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