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Apple Store app finally debuts for iPad with clean, tablet-friendly interface

Zach Honig

It's hardly show-stopping news out of Cupertino today, but gadget fiends hoping to wrap their holiday tech shopping without leaving home now have one more option in their tablet-friendly arsenal. It's the Apple Store app for iPad, and it's coming soon to a slate near you. The application, designed specifically to take advantage of the iPad's added screen real estate, is a big step up from its iPhone equivalent. There's a bounty of high-res product images with full pinch-to-zoom support, intuitive category links and detailed product info, including explanations for certain device add-ons, like increased storage or wireless connectivity. Curiously, this version lacks the in-store options available with the Apple Store app for iPhone, such as the EasyPay checkout feature that launched way back in 2011. Fire up your iPad and hit up the source link to check it out.

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