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Robox is a Robot in a box that's 'not just a 3D printer'

Brian Heater

Toward the end of the C Enterprise's Kickstarter pitch, one employee explains the genesis of the product's name, "it's a robot in a box." And thus the name Robox was born. The product's probably more accurately described as a 3D printer trapped in what appears to be a toaster oven -- though there are some caveats to that, too. See, the company's jammed a lot of things into the device's printer head, while also making the piece removable. That means there's some interesting potential for future attachments that could make it possible to scan or mill with the thing. In the meantime, however, printing is the product's primary focus, and the head features two nozzles: a thin one for the perimeter and a thick one for filling objects -- a process it promises will speed things up considerably.

There's also an auto-shutoff for the extruder, so you don't get any dangling plastic pieces when the print is finished. At launch, Robox will support PLA and ABS, though the company's also offering up a long list of potential compatible materials, including nylon, polycarbonate and PVA. Robox is set to retail for around $1,400, though early supporters will be able to snag one for $1,130.

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