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Motorola lets unlocked Developer Edition handsets keep their warranties, reinstates old ones

Nicole Lee, @nicole

If you're one of a few who obtained a Developer Edition handset, you're likely the type who'd want its bootloader unlocked so that you could tinker with it as you so please. Unfortunately, requesting such an unlock code would often void your warranty, which seems rather strange and unfair. Motorola has thankfully seen the errors of its ways and has recently agreed to let anyone who's purchased a 2012 or 2013 Developer Edition handset -- that includes the recently released Moto X -- to keep their warranties even after requesting an unlock code. Further, that warranty is actually retroactive, which means warranties that were previously voided due to the unlock request are reinstated as of today. And if you've messed things up beyond repair, Moto has agreed to post return-to-factory software images for those Dev Edition handsets to let you make a fresh start. It's good news all around for developers keen on dabbling with Motorola's latest, which hopefully means better things for Google's P&L sheets. Interested parties can head on over to the source link below for more on the company's changes to its Developer Edition program.

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