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The verdict is in: Samsung to pay $290 million in additional damages to Apple in infringement case


Update: Apple issues a statement to AllThingsD basically saying the money is great, but it's the principle of the thing. But the money, we'll take that too.

This just in: The jury in the Samsung vs. Apple retrial has reached a verdict, and the news is in Apple's favor. Samsung will pay Apple additional damages in the amount of US$290 million. This amount is in addition to about $600 million already owed to Apple.

Judge Lucy Koh reduced the original damages award last year, then ordered the retrial to determine a more realistic amount than Apple was asking for. The lawyers for both Samsung and Apple will now have an opportunity to view the verdict and will most likely quibble over the numbers, so it's not over yet.

Earlier in the week, the jury was complaining about being forced to eat sourdough bread sandwiches every day for lunch, sending a note to Judge Koh asking for new lunch options with the word "please" underlined three times. Shortly before the verdict announcement, the jury members asked the judge for a copy of the courtroom artist's depiction of the jury... No word on any book deals yet.

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