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Apple posts new and engaging 'Life on iPad' page on its website


Apple on Thursday evening published a new "Life on iPad" page on its website highlighting all of the interesting and unforeseen ways people are using the iPad.

The page features six distinct videos, with accompanying write-ups, that each describe iPads being used in extremely interesting situations. The examples include the iPad being used in the wind power industry, on Broadway, in the world of speedskating, in hospital operating rooms, in sand dune racing and at a lush wine vineyard in Napa, Calif.

Each section on the new "Life on iPad" page is comprised of really rich and powerful photographs placed alongside extremely interesting stories. All in all, it's incredibly well put together.

As a quick example, here's how the iPad is being utilized by wind turbine technicians at Siemens who often need to work 250 feet off the ground.

Before iPad, technicians needed multiple binders, service manuals and electrical plans -- over a thousand pages of materials -- craned up to them before they could begin maintenance or repairs. And that didn't include laptops or additional supporting materials they might need.

Now iPad puts every document in a portable device that's easy for the technicians to access in their tight workspace. iPad also streamlines their workflow, allowing them to take photos, email questions and troubleshoot on the spot. And it lets them track fast-moving weather and quickly adjust their work in the field.

And here's how Apple details an iPad app which was developed to help minimize the risks during liver surgery.

The iPad app, which is moving through clinical evaluations, provides comprehensive access to three-dimensional surgical data. The app uses augmented reality to overlay complex vascular systems during operations. This reveals liver perfusion patterns that are invisible to the human eye, giving greater insight into the exact location of certain blood vessels. The app also shows local blood flow territories and assesses potential risks in real time. "The visualization of liver blood vessels puts surgeons at ease," Dr. Endo explains, "and it helps to ensure that the right incisions are made at the right time."

Without question, Apple loves showing off how its products are often used in varying professions and endeavors. During Apple's most recent media event, for example, they released a "Life on iPad" video which provides a glimpse into how iPad users around the globe are using Apple's revolutionary tablet to help "transform business, education, entertainment, health and many other fields."

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