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Report: PS4 & Vita 'Ultimate' bundle coming to UK this year [Update]


Sony is reportedly bringing a Vita and PS4 "Ultimate" bundle to the UK before Christmas, as the company looks to take advantage of the inter-functionality between its two systems. MCV notes the bundle is part of Sony's push behind the handheld, which includes a £2.5 million TV campaign. MCV didn't note any details on a specific date or price for the bundle.

Additionally, posted an image claimed to be of a Sony ad from this week's issue of MCV, and it shows the bundle dated for December 2013.

With the 3.00 update released earlier this month, the Vita can play "most" PS4 games via Remote Play streaming. Sony's handheld can also become a SmartGlass-like second screen for certain PS4 games.

We've reached out to Sony for confirmation, and to find out if the bundle is coming to retail shelves in other parts of the globe.

Update: A Sony representative has told Joystiq they have "no plans for the North America market to announce at this time."

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