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Which airlines have OK'd electronics on flights?


Holidays are stressful enough before factoring in the hassles of traveling. Thankfully for some air travelers, the minor inconvenience of not being able to use electronic devices during take off and landing is being removed, one airline at a time.

Yesterday, in response to a recent FAA announcement that passengers can use electronic devices during a complete flight, Delta and JetBlue have lifted the restrictions on reading your iPad. The FAA investigation found that handheld electronic devices do not pose a risk of adversely affecting a plane's systems during landing.

To help get you ready for any possible upcoming trips, the folks at Mac Observer have put together a comprehensive list of which airlines will allow you to use electronic devices. Some airlines have their own specific guidelines and caveats, presumably because having a set of simple and clear guidelines across the board would be a show of weakness. Head over to Mac Observer so you know what you're in for during your holiday travels.

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