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Xbox One disc drive broken for some users, YouTube videos show [Update: Microsoft responds, twice]


A handful of YouTube demonstrations show Xbox One disc drives broken in the same way: The console accepts a game disc and then makes an awful skipping sound and doesn't register any game data. One YouTuber, Gabriel Ortiz, compiled a few videos of busted Xbox One disc drives, which he found under the search term "Broken Xbox One."

We've reached out to Microsoft for more information.

Update: A Microsoft spokesperson provided the following statement: "We know that with a hardware launch of this magnitude customers will have questions and we have many avenues for customers to get the answers they need and get back in the game as soon as possible. Rest assured we plan to take care of our customers.

"Any customer who believes they are experiencing an issue with their Xbox One should reach out to us. There are many avenues available for customers to get in touch with us including:
  • Talking to a live customer support person that can call you back if you don't want to wait
  • for support pages and forums
  • On Twitter with @XboxSupport
  • There are also Help and diagnostics on the console by saying 'Xbox Help.'"
Update 2: Microsoft followed up with another statement more clearly addressing the disc drive problem: "The issue is affecting a very small number of Xbox One customers. We're working directly with those affected to get a replacement console to them as soon as possible through our advance exchange program. Rest assured, we are taking care of our customers."

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