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Breakfast Topic: How are you celebrating WoW's 9th anniversary?

World of Warcraft's 9th anniversary is being celebrated right now -- and anyone who's played the game for a while can't help but feel a bit nostalgic for days gone by. You may not have played since launch, but chances are you've been playing for a while, and an anniversary like this is a time to look back and remember the time we've spent playing.

For my part, I haven't been playing quite since launch, but I jumped in pretty early... and I have to admit that looking back and thinking I've spent nearly nine years on a single video game seems huge. I'm not sure if a nine-year gaming streak is something to be celebrated, but I'm still here playing... and maybe I'll take this week to revisit raids and dungeons long-forgotten, for laughs more than for loot. But what about you, readers? How are you marking WoW's 9th year?

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