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Breakfast Topic: Do you use the pet store?

Anne Stickney

I really can't help myself -- I'm a collector. And when a charity pet pops up on the official Pet Store, it's a given that I'll purchase it. This year's charity pet, the Alterac Brew Pup, was adorable enough on its own and an automatic buy. And honestly, I could have passed on a mount in favor of just the pet. But the Enchanted Fey Dragon is just so charming that there was no way I could turn down the bundle deal for both pet and mount. I've always loved Sprite Darters, going all the way back to the first time I got my hands on one via the Feralas quest chain in vanilla -- a rideable one? Just take my money already.

Although I like the Pet Shop, it still has pets and mounts that I never purchased. I may be a collector, but I'm a picky collector, and the Swift Windsteed really wasn't cool enough to capture my attention. I don't have all of the pets, either -- it's usually just the charity pets that I snap up right away. I do have to wonder though, especially given the gigantic number of players I saw flying around on the Fey Dragon day one -- how many of you have picked up the bundle deal, or just the mount or pet on their own? Do you plan on picking one up? Is the Pet Store a feature that you enjoy, or have used in the past? Do you think Blizzard should offer pets and mounts on the Pet Store more frequently, or would you rather see them all available in game instead? And what do you think of that gorgeously goofy Fey Dragon and adorable Brew Pup?

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