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Heroes of the Storm director apologizes for response to interview

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Dustin Browder is the game director for Blizzard's upcoming MOBA, Heroes of the Storm. The game features heroes, heroines and plenty more from Blizzard franchises, and it's Browder's job to oversee and, as his title might suggest, direct its development. When Rock, Paper, Shotgun interviewed Browder and specifically addressed the artistic direction of many female MOBA characters, Browder gave a response he is now apologizing for on the Heroes of the Storm website.

"I responded poorly to a statement the interviewer made about over-sexualized character designs in games, and I want to apologize for that," Browder wrote. "This is a serious topic and I don't want anyone to think that I, or anyone else at Blizzard, is insensitive about how we portray our characters." Browder went on to state that he wants every player to find a character they can identify with, and thanked RPS for their feedback.

The topic of sexualization in video games has been particularly prevalent as games continue to gain mainstream attention. Sometimes it results in a distressing moment with a mermaid. Sometimes it results in an apology.

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