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Next Car Game's Kickstarter in the ditch, early access program offers playable tech sneak peek

Bugbear Inc. has canceled its Kickstarter campaign for Next Car Game, but financial obstacles aren't enough to keep the project off the road of game development. The canceled campaign's most recent update notes the studio is "hell-bent to keep on developing the game with our supporters" through the pre-order program hosted on the game's site.

If you can get behind the concept, Bugbear is offering a "playable technology sneak peek" to anyone that places a pre-order for Next Car Game. This sneak peek lets players run one of 24 cars through a "playground" Bugbear has been using to test Next Car Game's vehicle and environmental damage mechanics.

That's not meant to replace the full game, of course, which the Kickstarter update states will include "a number of race tracks and derby arenas." This testing ground of sorts is offered in exchange for a $25 pre-order, which will eventually grant backers a Steam token for the finished version of Next Car Game. The game's site notes that the final version will "cost more than pre-ordering," so if you're the type to smash up pretty cars for some kind of sick game, it might be beneficial to you to commit now rather than later.

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