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Final Pokemon Origins episode translated into English, available now

If the animated Pokemon show the franchise grew up with wasn't really your thing, you can try a different, sans-Ash Ketchum origins story with Pokemon Origins. Destructoid noticed that the fourth and final episode of the series, which is based off the Pokemon Red / Blue storyline, is now available in English. You can watch all four episodes on the Pokemon website or go mobile with The Pokemon TV app in the App Store or Google Play store.

Each episode runs just over 20 minutes. The series follows Red's journey from Pokemon Zero to semifinalist for the title of Pokemon Champion, with the other contender being that smug jerk, Blue. There's also an encore battle involving Ash's quest to finish filling the Pokedex. If you're willing to take a break from your own conquest in Pokemon X & Y, Origins is a nice way to remember how the Kanto region laid the foundation for the world of Pokemon.

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