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How to trick out your fleet of SWTOR starships


You aren't going to make it very far in SWTOR's Galactic Starfighter unless you've got the know-how to trick out your starship. Fortunately for you, the devs have put together a new post regarding the expansion's starship requisition and upgrade systems so that you won't be puttering around star systems.

Each starship has five major component (read: gear) slots for active combat abilities and four minor component slots for passive stat boosts. Components can be upgraded, with the highest tier offering a choice between types of upgrades. By mix-and-matching components, players can create unique loadouts that will be customized to their playstyle.

Component unlocks and upgrades are paid for with requisition, which is given for battle participation and victory. BioWare promises that teamwork will never penalize your acquisition of requisition, which is a fun thing to say a few times in a row. There are two forms of requisition: ship, which is specific to the starship you're flying, and fleet, which can be used for any of your starships.

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