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New Siren game listed among upcoming PS4 releases in Romania


A Sony-issued Romanian PlayStation 4 press release has outed a previously unannounced entry in the Siren series, hinting at the possibility of a PS4 sequel.

Listed among known upcoming games like InFamous: Second Son and The Order: 1886, the PlayStation 4's Siren would follow up on 2008's episodic survival horror miniseries Siren: Blood Curse on the PlayStation 3.

While it ranks as a cult favorite stateside, the Siren franchise has traditionally seen greater exposure in Europe and Japan. Both regions hosted retail releases for Blood Curse, which launched exclusively as a digital download in the United States. In addition, the PlayStation 2 sequel Forbidden Siren 2 never saw a North American release, though an English-language localization hit Europe and Australia in 2006.

No further details regarding a possible Siren sequel have been announced.

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