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Studio Neat introduces new, adjustable Glif


From the "why didn't they think of that before?" department: Studio Neat, the design firm that created the amazingly useful Glif for the iPhoneographers of the world, has just introduced a new model of the tripod adapter/stand that expands or contracts to fit the dimensions of your smartphone.

The new Glif (US$30) is designed to avoid the issue with the original device, which was basically obsolete every time Apple decided to change the dimensions of the iPhone. This new model is easily resized to fit future iPhones, and can also hold iPhones that are "wearing" cases. Studio Neat throws in a hex key that lets you size the Glif to your phone, adjusting to any width between 58.4 and 86.4 mm or thicknesses from 3.1 to 12.7 mm.

That covers just about any smartphone, unless it's one of those ridiculously sized phablets or has a fat case on it that defies imagination. The video below demonstrates how the Glif accomplishes the resizing feat in glorious stop-action videography.

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