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Vlambeer Clone Tycoon turns indie dev's real problem into a game


Developing games is fun – or so we're told – but now stealing game ideas from real developers is just as entertaining. Sure, it's missing the vital "I've poured my heart and soul into this baby" aspect, but cloning games is still pretty fun with Vlambeer Clone Tycoon.

Inspired by indie developer Vlambeer's real-life issues with repeated, obvious clones of its games, Vlambeer Clone Tycoon puts players in the shoes of a wannabe cloner. As an idea thief, players must read news and emails to learn about Vlambeer's coming games, and then create their own knock-offs before the real version is released. The successful clones are automatically tweeted out by @VlambeerCloning.

The game comes from a composer and web developer who work in the same building as Vlambeer, so it's all in good fun. Play Vlambeer Clone Tycoon for free in your browser, and look out for clones of Vlambeer's next game, Nuclear Throne, before it's released for real.

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