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Hero of the Obelisk enters open beta November 28


Does the thought of sitting around the dinner table and making small talk with your distant family members this Thanksgiving make you want to barricade yourself into a vault and never come out? If so, take your computer with you and hop in on the Hero of the Obelisk open beta, which launches November 28th -- just in time to help you dodge your loved ones.

Hero of the Obelisk is a free-to-play dungeon-crawler MMO developed by GBE Games that offers both PvE and PvP encounters, guild-on-guild skirmishes, and will launch with three classes and "hundreds of dungeons." Our own Beau Hindman will be taking a closer look at it next month; in the meantime, you can register for open beta yourself via the game's official website.

[Source: GBE Games press release]

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