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Review: MoWeather - Forecast and Temperature Planner

Mel Martin

I finally found a weather app that isn't just more of the same. MoWeather (free) for iOS is a graphically compelling weather app with all the usual stuff you want to see, along with a 15-day forecast. The weather background is nicely animated, like the Apple weather app, and it does my favorite Yahoo Weather app one better -- rather than finding a canned photo that reflects my location and weather, MoWeather provides a page of user-submitted photos that show the current weather at your location.

You can snap pictures and submit them all within the app. MoWeather also has a very nice idea built in -- with a click, you can email or text a map of your location and the current conditions to a friend.

The app also supports gestures. You can swipe vertically to update the current conditions, or swipe left to see your locations list.

Gallery: MoWeather for iOS | 5 Photos

I live in a pretty small town, so I didn't see any submitted photos, but larger cities around the world have a nice selection. My only gripe is that the weather photos should be a background to the weather stats as Yahoo Weather does it, not a collection on a separate page. Also, some towns' weather photos are a couple of days out of date, but the more people that use the app, the better it will all work.

MoWeather is a very nice new member of the "free weather app club," and after testing it, I'll leave it in my weather folder for future reference.

MoWeather requires iOS 5.0 and it's optimized for the iPhone 5 series.

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