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Samsung denied motion to stay damages in retrial against Apple


Judge Lucy Koh has denied Samsung's motion to stay damages it sustained in the retrial against Apple for patent infringement on the company's iPhone, reports FOSS patents. Last week, Koh ruled that Samsung has to pay US$290 million in additional damages to Apple in the infringement case, which lead the South Korean company to quickly file for a stay. As Florian Mueller writes:

While the retrial jury, which ultimately awarded Apple $290 million in damages replacing a $410 million of the original verdict (resulting now in total damages, subject to appeal, of $929 million), was deliberating, Samsung brought an emergency motion to stay the whole case pending reexamination of Apple's '915 pinch-to-zoom API patent. Its lawyers untruthfully said that Apple's only procedural option left (in order to salvage the patent) was a notice of appeal, but Apple pointed in its response to what the actual USPTO communication said, which was the opposite, and said Samsung's stalling strategy had "crossed the bounds of reason."

For the legally inclined, you can view Koh's order below.

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