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Sonic CD dual remix album tackles the regional soundtrack debate


The game music aficionados at OverClocked Remixed have released a lengthy and comprehensive Sonic CD remix album, honoring the game's 20th anniversary and addressing its hotly debated dual-soundtrack release.

The Temporal Duality album brings together 39 artists for a three-disc collection of 38 arranged tracks based on compositions from Masafumi Ogata, Naofumi Hataya, Spencer Nilsen, David Young and Sterling Crew. Fans have argued for years over whether Sonic CD's original Japanese soundtrack or its completely different North American counterpart is superior, but Temporal Duality balances out with tracks from both versions, letting listeners decide for themselves.

(Editor's biased opinion: They're both great, but the US soundtrack is superior since it's connected so closely with his Sega CD-owning misfit childhood. Your opinion will likely differ.)

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