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Target app gets iOS 7 and Black Friday ready


Target has just released the latest version of its iPhone app just in time for Black Friday shoppers. The updated app actually has new features for all, and then a select number of beta features, depending on your location. The new features everyone gets are an all-new iOS 7 design, improved shopping list features -- including the ability to see which items on your list are on sale and a What's In Store section that allows you to see trending products and deals.

The app also sports a number of beta features Black Friday shoppers are sure to find useful. In-store maps have been greatly improved, allowing shoppers to easily find items in the store they are shopping in -- even in Target stores with multiple floors. Another beta feature called Decide allows shoppers to see if a product they want is available at that specific store.

The beta features right now are limited by location, with only Target stores in Minneapolis, Seattle, Chicago and all City Target locations supporting the beta.

Target for iPhone is a free download.

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