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There are 8,000 Xbox One listings on eBay, 12,000 sold since Nov. 1


Users on eBay have sold 12,000 Xbox One consoles since November 1, with 7,000 of those sales during launch weekend, November 22 - 24. There are currently 8,000 Xbox One listings on eBay, the site says. Generally these consoles sell for more than the retail price of $500 because that's how this resale thing works.

Microsoft sold 1 million Xbox Ones in the console's first 24 hours – and now we know at least 12,000 of those have already been recycled in the second-hand market.

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With the XBOX ONE sold out everywhere, gamers hunting for the latest console are coming to eBay to buy one of this holiday's hottest gifts – as of today, there are approximately 8,000 XBOX ONE listings on eBay. Since the XBOX ONE's launch this past Friday, things are looking good for Microsoft's new console with strong sales on eBay over the launch weekend, with nearly 7,000 XBOX ONE units sold on eBay in just three days from Nov. 22-24. More than 12,000 XBOX ONE units have been sold on eBay since Nov. 1.

With more than 70% of all items sold on eBay being in new condition, eBay is a great place for shoppers to get their hands on the new consoles this holiday, with anticipated inventory throughout the season, when they are sold out everywhere else.

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