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Vizio rounds out its soundbar line with a 54-inch model, teases a new 55-inch TV


Vizio already has soundbars designed for smaller TVs (and medium-sized ones too), and now it's back with a flagship model built for bigger screens. This new 54-inch model, available today, brings 103-decibel sound, complete with three channels and a 4-inch deep bass module. Like the smaller models, it also features Bluetooth streaming, and uses DTS audio processing to level out the volume so that you're not jolted off the couch when shows cut to a loud commercial break. It's available today for $300 on Vizio's website, though if you wait a few weeks, you should see it popping up in retail stores, likely with some lower prices in tow.

Additionally, the company is teasing a 55-inch entry-level E-series TV with full-array LED backlighting and local dimming technology, which should allow for both deeper blacks as well as easier viewing in darkened rooms. As it happens, this technology isn't new and in fact, Vizio already sells some entry-level models with full-array backlighting and local dimming. In this case, though, Vizio is touting more dimming zones, as well as newer, more effective version of the dimming technology. Unfortunately, though, the company isn't doing demos right now, so we can't really speak to the difference in quality. What's more, Vizio also hasn't mentioned pricing or availability. So, we'll have to leave this as a tease for now, but we'll follow up when we eventually learn more.

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