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WildStar shows off the Stalker

Eliot Lefebvre

WildStar's recent class re-reveals have all lacked a certain something. A certain panache, a certain trait, a certain ability to sneak past a huge number of enemies before stabbing something in the back and walking away. That's what the Stalker brings to the table, and for everyone who loves classes that involve stealth and stabbing, you'll be very happy. Not that the class is that one-dimensional, of course; like all of the game's classes, Stalkers have a big bag of tricks. It's just that invisibility is a pretty good trick.

Stalkers are equipped with twin retractable claws as well as nanoskin and a variety of other high-tech gadgets. The nanoskin serves multiple functions -- it allows for Stalkers to become tougher, more evasive, and even do that invisibility trick while in combat. Combined with their natural agility and controlling tricks, Stalkers can easily be on the front lines of a battle or tuck themselves away and assassinate key targets. Check out how it works in the video just past the break.

[Source: Carbine Studios press release]

WildStar Stalker DevSpeak

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