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Community Blog Topic Results: Biggest disappointment with Warlords of Draenor


Previously on Community Blog Topic, we asked what your favorite announcement was for Warlords of Draenor. So this time we asked the opposite. What WoD announcement was your biggest disappointment? Many, many people weighed in.

shaarpy010 posits

Despite the issues at the start of MOP when we had to grind through GL to get to the other reps, i actually found the amount of dailies on offer to be great.

I could spend my time waiting for LFR or LFD queues by hitting up some dailies for a whole host of factions, i could then take part in the Karsarang Dailies which progressed the story arch, i then headed off to isle of thunder for more dailies which were by no means a chore.

It felt like i had choices of which dailies to do each day, i didn't feel forced to do all of them every day, i had no issues being VP capped, i dunno i just found it fun.

Certainly more fun than the timeless isle.

itsdeeps responds.

dailies are one of my only sources if income since I only do PvP so I think removing them is a horrible idea... I don't think bliz really thought about the amount of broke ass PvPers there's gunna be now
Astalnar from Cogitationes Astalnaris is not looking forward to what will replace daily quests.
Dynamic event in my book, means less content and more time looking for something to do. I guess I can farm the old armours for my Death Knight for awhile, but what then? Will we end up slaughtering Iron Horde's caravans and then wait for them to respawn so we can do it again. This is just a mindless grind.
decide.uh has issues with the story.
The premise itself. I can't imagine a more silly premise than "the villain you just defeated escapes punishment, travels back in time, creates an alternate reality and is now back with a vengeance with a lot of old past villains that have been dead for years".
setnetjer says,
Most disappointed by what seems to be shaping up to be Orcapalooza 2014.
tylercles agrees.
... while I am a big Orc fan and someone who thinks that the cries of Horde bias to date have been utter hogwash, even I'm not entirely sold on the idea of an entire expansion being the Orcy McOrc Show, with Special Guest Star Orcs.
Ravyncat1 at Ravyn's Reliquary takes issue with the "boys trip" comment.
... I don't think this was a deliberate slap against female players. I think it was a thoughtless remark that unintentionally set things off. I do think it shows that the main story writers aren't always writing with all of their audience in mind though. Gamers stopped being ninety-nine percent white teenage males a long time ago, Y'all.
JamesJones makes an excellent point in the ongoing lack of female representation controversy.
It has very little to do with feminism. It's about having characters that everyone in your audience can relate to. It's about sharing a love of the story and the medium with a group of people who are still under-represented when it comes to heroes and antagonists.

Give them some leaders and dreamers, hilarity and tragedy, conviction and rage, and you will increase their loyalty and strengthen your overall product.
AspenDoubt wants more content.
I'm really disappointed that we are only getting 7 dungeons... *again* to start with. It felt horrible enough only leveling through 5 levels in MoP, and now we have 10 levels and still only 7 dungeons. YUCK! Unless they add 2-3 dungeons per patch, and we have say 3 major content patches, we will still barely even hit the amount of 5 man content that TBC *started* with...
JeffLaBowski at Sportsbard wants to fly.
I am all for restricting flight on your first character to the level cap. Let them unlock it for the rest. Beyond that, I feel it's very restricting and hampering how I played the game from Wrath to Mists. I didn't like no flying until 90, I understand why they did it though. I didn't feel any more sense of danger because I was grounded. I don't understand why they didn't open it up for alts later on, but at least you could unlock it at 90, on your terms.
sorenthaz likes garrisons, but ...
Kind of early to say, but I'll be VERY disappointed if Garrisons don't have multiple options for building designs/appearances. It'd be nice to at least have some form of variety beyond "you can place stuff differently than another guy, woah!"
Alykii at Dead Gnomes Society opines
I wish they would make Guild Garrisons. Then each guild member could have their own "player housing" within the Guild Garrison, and share the resources. With end game raiding not requiring players to be in guilds, this would be a big motivator in joining a guild. There is SO much potential with a Guild garrison.
pianoman216 is not happy with the raid changes .
We are a 10man raid team of pretty decent skill, and the fact that the new heroic modes are going to be locked behind a strict 20man raid size means that if we want to have anything to do in-game after 2 or 3 months, we HAVE to recruit 10 more people.
Growliebear growls.
Honestly, the complete lack of a new class or race. This will be the first expansion without either, and I find that extremely disappointing. As an avid altoholic, I love to try out new classes and races, and the fact that both are lacking this time around makes me less excited for the expansion than I have of previous ones.
Revnah says
Reforging. I actually like fiddling around with my gear :-) The only pain is trying to reforge as close to hit + exp cap as possible but since those two go away in WoD, reforging would be pure fun then. I'll miss it!
NathanO has concerns about battle pets.
I'm very scared of pet breeding. I'm afraid that the introduction of epic pets will make rare pets completely null and all level 25 rares only good for breeding. My friend has 300+ level 25s, and all her hours will be thrown away for something that is second-class. I would be ok with the system if they just got rid of epic pets, or if those epic pets were made to be equal to rares except in color alone.
arcanewordsmith at Amateur Azerothian doesn't like having this discussion at all.
I fully expect to have this conversation again, not long after the game is released. It will no doubt be a "what do you like most/least about WoD" topic and I'm completely fine with that. We'll be able to answer it honestly and with some actual physical proof and experience. But until then, I simply do not see the productivity in having this discussion now.
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