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Games are art: 3DS Louvre Guide coming to eShop next week


Last year, Nintendo and The Louvre partnered on a scheme that let visitors to the museum rent 3DS handhelds to access audio tour guides of the Parisian landmark. That was a bit unusual, but it's much less surprising to see Nintendo roll out an enhanced retail version of the guide, which will be released on the eShop in North America on December 2, priced $20. As for Europe, it's available starting today on the eShop, priced £18 in the UK.

As Nintendo President Satoru Iwata detailed in a typically oddball Direct video, the guide's been adapted for use outside of the Louvre, since most of us don't happen to be in the the museum's neighborhood. There are a few additions, like a slideshow mode, and it'll update to feature new rooms and exhibitions that come to the Louvre.

If you want to distill art into cold, hard numbers: You can browse the museum's rooms across 400 or so 3D photos, listen to nearly 300 hours of audio commentary, and check more than out 600 pieces of artwork close up. Surreal Passerby Miyamoto sold separately.

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