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Guerilla outlines Killzone Mercenary updates, two free maps next year


The PlayStation 4 and Killzone Shadow Fall may be out in the wild, but Guerrilla Games still has plans for several updates to Vita entry Killzone Mercenary. The European studio detailed four patches headed for the handheld shooter, including one that'll add two free multiplayer maps early in 2014.

That's Update 5, and that patch will also add the offline Botzone mode that's appeared in other Killzone games. Updates 3 and 4 are due before it, the first in the next few weeks and the second some time in January. Update 3 will free up 800MB of precious Vita space by reducing the sizes of prior patches, while Update 4 will tweak matchmaking and automatic team re-balancing.

Rounding things off is Update 6, which is due in the "early months of 2014," and offers the chief addition of Vita TV support.

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