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LifeProof launches first Touch ID-compatible waterproof case for iPhone 5s


One particularly cruel internet prank tricked some (hopefully few) iPhone owners into thinking that iOS 7 somehow made their devices waterproof. That's ridiculous of course, but today LifeProof is launching a case for the iPhone 5s that actually does make the device impervious to water. The case is part of the "nuud" line from LifeProof, and it provides protection from water up to a depth of 6.6ft.

There is no shortage of waterproof cases for the iPhone 5 (or 5s, given that its dimensions are the same), but LifeProof's new protector is the first that is fully compatible with Touch ID, allowing fingerprint sensing through the waterproof layer. But for premium protection, you'll be paying a premium price: The iPhone 5s nuud case will set you back a cool US$89.99.

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