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Neverwinter details its upcoming Collections System


So let's say you're one of those players who really, really enjoys keeping track of every single aspect of your adventuring from loot types to dungeons conquered. Well, in an upcoming Neverwinter patch called Module 2: Shadowmantle, you'll have the chance to complete all the things. The new system will not only keep track of the loot you have but also point out the loot that you are missing! It will tell you the zone rewards, companions and artifacts you need as well. Good luck finding sleep after this goes live.

Don't worry, you won't have to have each of these items in your backpack in order for them to count. Once you obtain an item, it will unlock in the Collection, and completed armor sets will be rewarded with a title. It all comes together in a new interface that will actually tell you where to find all of the missing items.

The patch will also contain Artifacts, the Dread Ring Campaign, new Paragon Paths, a new adventure zone and the new Hunter Ranger class (finally!).

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