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Starbound beta open to those who pre-ordered 'around' December 4


The beta test for Starbound, the indie space exploration game from developer Chucklefish, is likely to start soon. Designer Finn "Tiy" Brice announced the news on Twitter, stating that the beta "is looking to be around" December 4, granted "arrangements go through with Steam."

In Starbound, players traverse a procedurally generated universe of worlds. While fleeing their homeworld after its destruction at the hands of an unknown enemy, players must scrounge for gear and supplies across these worlds as they embark upon a variety of quests and story missions.

Chucklefish has already secured over $1 million in pre-orders for Starbound. The beta is open to all those who have pre-ordered the game, with a full-fledged release of Starbound planned for sometime next year.

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