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Steam Autumn Sale day 1: Walking Dead, Rogue Legacy, Outlast


The Steam Autumn Sale is here, just in time for this week's Black Friday – it runs from November 27 to December 3, with Daily Deals and Flash Sales aplenty. Today, Daily Deals include The Walking Dead for $6.25, Outlast for $6.80, Terraria for $2.50, and Antichamber, Rogue Legacy, Left 4 Dead 2 and Sleeping Dogs for $5. Also, Skyrim for $7.50 and Prison Architect for $15.

Flash Sales refresh every eight hours, but the first batch has Crysis 2 Maximum Edition for $7.50, Space Hulk for $10, HammerWatch for $3.40 and Castle Story for $13.40.

Be sure to check out the sales on indie games, too.

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