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Warcraft Movie release delayed to 2016 [Updated]

Another delay has sprung up in the Warcraft Movie. The release date has been pushed back, as Warcraft tweeted today:

We thought it was looking good for 2015, but given that filming is slated to begin in January 2014 it may have been ambitious. Blizzard's policy always seems to be that it's better to do something right than to do it fast, but in the context of the Warcraft movie it's really rather drawn out.

It's highly possible that all movies have complicated and troublesome stories behind them, but the Warcraft movie seems, from our perspective as game fans at least, to have had more than its fair share. That being said, the relatively constant flow of information on news sites, and the panel at BlizzCon all imply that it's still moving forwards.

Update: An official press release has been published by Legendary Pictures.

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