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PS4 + Vita bundle in UK today


Sony has confirmed the rumored PlayStation 4 and Vita bundle for the UK, and it told Eurogamer that it will be available today to coincide with the European launch of the PS4. The bundle, however, may not be what you were expecting and almost certainly isn't what you were hoping for. The offer will be a "soft bundle," meaning that it's dependent on retailer stock of both consoles. In other words, you won't necessarily get your PS4 and Vita in the fancy "Ultimate Edition" box that was reported last week.

Retailers will be allowed to combine the Vita and PS4 however they wish, but Sony expects the bundle to sell for under £500, not exactly a steal given that the PS4 is priced at £349 and the Vita hovers around £150, according to Eurogamer. Again, availability will depend on retailer stock – and remember there are a lot of PS4 pre-orders to fill – but the bundle should go on sale as of today, continuing into the holidays.

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