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Black Friday research shows big iOS impact


In the lull between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there's time for reflection (and a few remaining hours to enter our Mega Giveaway of accessories, gadgets and device cases). While the Talkcast is taking a Sunday night off for turkey digestion, there's still interesting issues to discuss.

For the data analysis team at retail intelligence firm Infoscout, that downtime has proven fruitful; the company has released a slew of blog posts detailing its findings from digging into customer receipts from big-box shops like Target and Walmart.

Infoscout uses gamification and other incentives to get consumers to participate in its ongoing panels; the ingenious method of data entry is by scanning receipts into iOS or Android apps. Over the course of Friday's morning rush, thousands of consumer purchases were tracked into the company's database, and in turn extrapolated to draw conclusions about the larger trends in play.

For mega-markets Walmart and Target, the early results were very encouraging for iOS -- in particular, the iPad. Both retailers saw iPad models (the 16 GB Air) as their top-selling product, by a wide margin; this may have been driven by aggressive gift-card rebates for the tablets, but it's still quite impressive.

Infoscout also noted that some 40% of the iPad purchases it spotted on Black Friday actually were bought by Android phone users, which seems a mite counterintuitive. Meanwhile, Techcrunch points out that Apple's mobile platforms continued their dominance of actual mobile commerce; IBM's numbers show that iOS accounted for almost 1/3 of all online commerce traffic (28% to Android's 11%), and notched a dramatic advantage in actual online sales (18% of online sales via iOS, versus 3.5% for Android). While smartphones were more popular than tablets for browsing (25% vs. 14%), the tablets took a big lead on actually making purchases (14% to 7% of all sales).

What did you notice about your shopping experience this weekend, and what did you hear from relatives or friends who were out and about? Let us know in the comments below. (Note that many TUAW posts do not have comments enabled, as it is at the author's discretion.)

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