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Paradise Lost makes contact with double its requested funding

Paradise Lost: First Contact has breached the hull of Kickstarter's funding carrier and made off with $144,960, more than double its initially requested amount of $70,000. The funding campaign for the adventure game, which follows an alien lifeform's escape from a lab after being harvested from an asteroid, was concluded by developer Asthree Works today at 4:41 p.m. EST.

Of the proposed stretch goals, three were met - the final version will now include achievements, additional language translations beyond the base English and Spanish scripts, and a chapter called "Lost Memories" that will explore the events preceding the alien's capture.

Paradise Lost has also been greenlit for release on Steam, which an update to the game's Kickstarter page reminds us will result in free Steam keys for backers. If you'd rather not use Steam, Paradise Lost is planned for release on December 2014 as a DRM-free game for PC, Mac and Linux. The stretch goal for a simultaneous launch of the Wii U version was not met, so the release of that version will presumably follow the launch of the others. The Ouya version will also launch sometime after the game's initial release.

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