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Spotify iOS update makes it easier to hide embarrassing playlists while on the go


This past Friday, Spotify released a iOS update that, although minor, brings a few wonderful additions to the streaming app. Readers who enjoy jogging to Katy Perry's "Roar" without having their friends know about it will appreciate the new ability to remotely toggle if a playlist is secret or public. iPad users should also be excited to find the What's New page has finally been replaced with the Browse function. Here's the complete list of new features in the update. As always, you can find the new version of Spotify in the iTunes store.

  • Browse is now on iPad as well as iPhone (replacing What's New). Find a playlist for everything.
  • Follow friends and artists to see their playlists and releases (soon available to all iPhone users).
  • The secret/public toggle for playlists is now on iPhone as well as iPad.
  • Smarter, more responsive searching (soon available to all iPhone users).
  • A simpler, more streamlined sign up and login for iPhone and iPad.
  • A shiny new look for playlists (soon available to all iPhone users).
  • A bug with sharing to Twitter/email/SMS from iPhone was fixed.

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