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WhatsApp updated for iOS 7 with new broadcast lists, shared location features


WhatsApp released a new version of its app with a major facelift and some new features. The popular third-party messaging app is one of the most used cross-platform instant messengers on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone. The latest iOS update brings the much anticipated iOS 7-inspired visual refresh to the app. The icon is less glossy and flatter, and the app internals are blue, grey, and white and flat all over.

But WhatsApp also received a number of new features with the latest release as well. The app now features "broadcast lists" which allows user to send messages to groups of people, be they classmates, a group of friends, or work colleagues. The new WhatsApp also includes a number of new location sharing features, including support for 3D maps and the ability to hide places. Check out the full release notes below. WhatsApp is a free download.

What's New in Version 2.11.5

- new iOS 7 User Interface

- broadcast lists: communicate with your classmates, work colleagues or just friends by messaging many people at once.

- improved share location: 3D map view, hide places, search places

- large thumbs: see more

- new notification alerts and sounds: WhatsApp Settings > Notifications > New Message.

- application will now use your device text size as configured in iOS Settings > General > Text Size

- new improved User Interface for managing your blocked contacts: WhatsApp Settings > Chat Settings > Blocked

- crop image before sending

Reminder: you can backup your WhatsApp conversations into iCloud. Simply visit WhatsApp Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Backup and tap on "Back Up Now"

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