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The Secret World offers special membership deals

Eliot Lefebvre

You don't need us to tell you that Cyber Monday is over, seeing as it is currently Tuesday. But that doesn't mean that sales are over; The Secret World is just starting a special promotion for membership. So if you know you're going to spend the next few months joyously exploring various mysteries, why not get some extra time and some AP boosts while you're at it?

Subscribing for a three-month stretch earns you an extra month (so four total) along with a timed AP boost. A six-month subscription nets you two extra months (eight total) along with two timed AP boosts, five XP potions, and five Venetian Exemptions to remove scenario cooldowns. Last but not least, a year earns you an extra four months (16 in all), three timed boosts, 15 XP potions, and 15 Venetian Exemptions. These deals will only be active until December 16th, so if you're going to lay down the bucks, you might as well get some extra bang.

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