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How do you feel about the item squish?

Anne Stickney

Back in vanilla, when raids still took 40 people and the game was far less complicated, I remember being exceptionally pleased that I managed to hit ten thousand mana on my priest -- an astonishingly high amount of mana at the time. I also remember raiding Blackwing Lair and coming across the Deathtalon Overseers and Wyrmguards, mobs that would shift between being weak to various schools of magic. Somewhere on another computer, I have a screenshot I took in which I got a 3k crit on one of them, which was also astonishing at the time, especially for a healer.

These days, I'm pulling dps numbers that make those big yellow numbers in vanilla absolutely laughable. I have more health unbuffed than bosses at that time did. And as I was pondering the idea of the item squish that is coming in Warlords of Draenor, I couldn't help but feel a pleased rush of nostalgia about those old days, and the old numbers I used to get so excited about. It doesn't really mean anything in the long run -- numbers are just numbers, after all -- but there's a part of me that's just happy that the obscenely huge numbers are going to be far more reasonable to comprehend.

And it's silly that I feel that way. I mean, the only thing that's changing is the numbers I'll see on my screen. I'll still be able to solo content just as quickly, I'll still be able to farm the same mobs in the same amount of speed. But I'm looking forward to the item squish, just because it reminds me of those days of old, when a crit over a thousand was something really cool. What do you guys think about the item squish? Are you happy we're going to have the health of mere mortals, rather than overpowered gods? Are you looking forward to less numeric spam on your screen? Are you unhappy that your dps is going to appear to drop, or are you looking forward to the days in which you can say "I remember back in Mists, I had over half a million health!" and laugh about it?

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