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Mint's personal finance app comes to Windows devices with Live Tile support

Nicole Lee, @nicole

It's been a long time coming, but Mint has finally released a version of its personal finance app for both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8. Just like its Android and iOS iterations, the app lets users track their account balances, spending habits and net income over time so that they can make better financial decisions. It also offers personalized alerts like bill reminders and advice to help you save more money. Other features include the ability to enter cash purchases manually and see if you're on track to reach a certain savings goal. A nice bonus that both Windows versions bring to the table is the ability to monitor information in real-time thanks to Live Tiles -- if you've set it up appropriately, you'll be able to see any changes to your account right from your Windows Start screen. New users can sign up and add their info right from within the app as well. So if you're trying to watch your holiday spending this time of year and you happen to use a Windows device, you may want to give the new Mint app a whirl. Who knows, you might have enough cash to spend on a brand-new tablet for yourself.

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