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Pokemon X/Y 2DS $150 bundles announced, available later this week


Nintendo is kicking up its drive behind the 2DS with two Pokemon X/Y bundles priced at $150, coming to Target and Toys R Us on Friday, December 6. Target will offer a red 2DS system with Pokemon X pre-installed, while the Toys R Us bundle features a blue system with Pokemon Y pre-loaded on a SD card.

Nintendo released the 2DS as an alternative to the 3DS earlier this year, with a standalone price set at $130. The hinge-less hardware's lower price comes at the expense of 3D tech, and with backwards compatibility for 2000+ DS games.

With 4 million copies of Pokemon X/Y flying off shelves within 48 hours of release, and 2 million sold in North America to date, Nintendo seems to be hoping the game's prolific performance will boost that of the 2DS' across the holiday season.

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