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Valve joins The Linux Foundation

Xav de Matos, @Xav

Valve continues to double-down on its investment to Linux gaming, announcing it is now a card-carrying member of the Linux Foundation - a support community for developers with an affinity for the open-source operating system. The announcement comes as Valve inches toward the launch of SteamOS, an operating system with its own foundation in the Linux platform.

In September, Valve continued its commitment to increasing the Linux platform's visibility by announcing its operating system along with Steam Machines, computers designed as video game platforms powered by SteamOS.

Mike Sartain, head of Valve Linux, said joining the Foundation was another step toward Valve's larger goal of popularizing accessible Linux-based gaming, according to Engadget. Valve's membership in the Linux Foundation puts it in the organization's "silver tier" along with Sony, NVidia and Twitter, with an annual fee of anywhere between $5K and $20K.

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