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WoW Moviewatch: Back to the Draenor

Anne Stickney

Given the subject matter of the next expansion, I figured it was only a matter of time, no pun intended, before we started seeing crazy time travel parody machinima start to pop up. Today's offering, Back to the Draenor, did not disappoint me in the slightest. YouTube user ibeckman671 put together a wonderful parody that has me digging around for my Back to the Future box set. My only small lament is that the infamous dance scene didn't somehow make it into the short piece -- but then the video was exactly the right length to be straight to the point without dragging on. Still, a little Johnny B. Goode never hurt anybody, right?

Now let's see how many more of these parodies we get. There are plenty more Back to the Future parodies to be made, and Doctor Who, Bill and Ted, The Butterfly Effect -- heck we could go way out there and even throw in a Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home bit for that matter. I imagine I'll get tired of them eventually, but that's a long way off. Open the floodgates!
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