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Action Launcher's custom Android interface gets quick-access home screen and KitKat tweaks


Action Launcher's capabilities have grown considerably since we saw it last. For starters, the Android launcher's new Quickpage does for the home screen what Quickdrawer did for the app drawer, and gives speedy access to a custom home screen card with a swipe. The other major new addition is a feature called 1-Swipe that gives you access to both Quickdrawer and Quickpage with, you guessed it, one brush of your finger. Simply swipe to the left or the right to layer the Quickpage or Quickdrawer cards, respectively, over any another app you're using. Developer Chris Lacy says you can use this alongside other launchers, too. The news doesn't stop there because version 2.0 also adds KitKat-specific tweaks like its new-look folders and translucent status and nav bars. If you want to try the app out before parting with $2 -- its temporary 50 percent off sale price -- there's a free version (missing a few features, naturally) waiting in the Play store for you.

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