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Fine, you can have a physical keyboard on your iPhone


Remember back when all the iPhone naysayers cried "Fail!" because the device lacked a physical keyboard? They were wrong, but the Typo Keyboard Case is a glimpse at what those sad souls apparently wanted. Adding a full qwerty keyboard to the bottom of the phone, the Typo connects via Bluetooth, features backlit keys and can be recharged within one hour.

The device is currently available for pre-order, so we haven't gotten a chance to go hands-on with one, but from a design perspective, the Typo seems like a mixed bag. If you're curious about where the Home Button went -- which was my first concern upon seeing the keyboard placement -- it has been relocated to the bottom-right of the keyboard itself, which means no more Touch ID functionality. Bummer.

Still, if you've been searching for physical keys on your iPhone for the past five years, US$99 will make that dream come true, starting in January 2014.

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