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Gran Turismo 6 microtransactions are 'completely optional'


Gran Turismo 6 will include microtransactions with in-game credits that players can acquire using real money, but Sony said the transactions are "not required" for players to advance in the game. In a statement to CVG, a Sony spokesperson said the publisher will "not penalize players for not making transactions (they still have access to everything) and it is completely optional." The microtransactions are so optional that players won't be prompted to buy-in during the game "at all."

"As with previous installments of Gran Turismo, users are able to earn in-game credits and unlock additional cars by competing in races or event challenges," the spokesperson said. Players will be able to purchase credits in increments of $500,000 on PSN to speed up the process of unlocking content. Sony also provided the opening cinematic for the Gran Turismo 6, which players can see firsthand when the game launches tomorrow on PS3.

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