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Star Citizen's first round of guild functionality scheduled for January

Jef Reahard

Are you itching to form a private military company in the world of Star Citizen? Maybe you're more partial to some sort of syndicate, squadron, or even a for-profit corporation. Whatever your particular guild slant may be, Cloud Imperium wants to tell you about its plans for Star Citizen's Organizations as well as introduce all the related web-based functionality that will go live well before the game launches.

Each SC player Organization will get a customizable public page on the Roberts Space Industries web site. CIG is including a ranking system with user-definable names and roles (i.e., if Spaceman is more to your liking than the default Lieutenant, knock yourself out). Organization names will not be unique, so don't worry about taking a day off work to reserve Browncoats. CIG says that "an unlimited number of players can form groups named Red Squadron," for example, but each of those groups will have a unique ten-character alphanumeric SID designation to facilitate gameplay.

Public testing of Star Citizen's Organization system begins later this month, with a planned rollout scheduled for early January. Future functionality additions will include private forums for every Organization, an Org Blog with a shoutbox and news update capabilities, and interactive visual charts showing divisions, jobs, and members.

Cloud Imperium is also upgrading its current web chat capabilities, so say goodbye to the 500-user chat roll limit. Finally, the firm wants you to know that you can now apply upgrades to your existing ships and packages. "Upgrading a package will change the overall value and will allow you to see the enhanced ship in your hangar," CIG says.

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