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Wil Wheaton lends vocals to Double Fine's Broken Age


Broken Age, the crowdfunded adventure game from Double Fine, has announced a few more key members of its vocal cast. Most notably former Wesley Crusher and current geek celebrity Wil Wheaton.

When Broken Age eventually debuts, Wheaton's voice will be spilling from Curtis the Lumberjack, a character originally created to test animations, but who found such affection among fans that he earned a full-fledged spot in the game. This situation would seem odd, but Double Fine is headed by Tim Schafer of Secret of Monkey Island fame, a game whose main protagonist derives his name from a placeholder brush used to animate the piratical adventure-comedy.

Rounding out the vocal cast are veteran actors Masasa Moyo, Nicki Rapp and Ginny Wescott. You'd best know Moyo as the voice of Lisa (aka "La Mariposa") in later Dead or Alive entries, while Rapp and Wescott have both previously worked with Schafer on classics like Psychonauts and Day of the Tentacle, respectively.

Alex Rigopulos, co-founder of Harmonix, also appears in the game as some version of his own notoriously music-obsessed self. It's unclear why or how he fits into the story, but it probably doesn't hurt things that Rigopulos has donated a lot of money toward the funding of Broken Age.

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